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£500k (min) per SPV


% (annualised) 


% (ordinary) per SPV

Capital Returned

100% (within 3-5 years)


50% +


20% +

Useful Documents

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Investment Structures


The Coupon

Ideal for an investor with a short term strategy, as it makes provision for an annual coupon and guarantees the return of capital within 3 years.

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The Hybrid

Ideal for an investor with a medium to long term strategy, as it makes provision for a coupon but also provides for capital growth, as it is constantly ‘rolling the equity’ or initial investment.

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The Joint Venture

Ideal for an investor with a mid-term strategy, as it provides an annual coupon but is geared towards the purchase of existing buildings, which are ripe for conversion into apartment blocks  and/ or multi unit HMO's.

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